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a. Simple and Refined Design.
b. Basically designed for Desktop, In addition to Using Wall-mount kit(Optional), you can install easily anywhere. 
c.  Clear & Pure Voice Quality ( 13 Kbps QCELP).
d. Using Backup-battery, you don’t need to worry about Power Failure. 
e. Visual Interface through 3 LEDs. 
f. Outgoing lock 
g. Using Emergency call, you can let someone know your emergency situation.
h. Using Hotline call, you can establish your own dedicated line to most frequent place. 
i. Various warning sounds keep from mal-use and help battery-management. 
j. Why don’t you take a meeting in your seat, using Three-way or Conference call? 
k. Various Interface with PC, telephone and Analog G3 Fax. 
l. This supplies Payphone Interface. (Optional) : 12KHz, 16KHz Metering Pulse and Polarity Reversal. 
m. Voice Privacy feature doesn’t forgive wiretapping . 
n. Authentication feature doesn’t allow illegal using your phone number. 
o. Flexibility with DTMF and pulse dialing 
p. Support Calling Line Identification Number. ( Bellcore FSK & DTMF ) 
q. Easy Programming of the Feature codes. 
r. Support High Speed Packet Data with CDMA2000 1x & backward compatible 
s. Support R-UIM Card 
-  Frequency : 800MHz / 1900MHz / 450MHz 
- Channel Access Method : DS-CDMA 
- Max Data transmission : 14.4Kbps(IS-95A), 115.2Kbps(IS-95B), 153.6Kbps(IS-2000)  
- Battery Backup Time (At Slot Cycle 2) : Talk time: up to 2hours 
- Standby time : up to 90hours 
- Operating Temperature : 0℃∼50℃ 
- Operating Humidity : 5%∼95% 
- Chipset : MSM-6025 Chipset